Here you can find a little bit of information about our very early work from 2003 to 2005.
Contagion (2005)
Commissioned by the Battersea Arts Centre and supported by ACE. Contagion gave the audience a comic book with their character's backstory. After reading these, the audience were asked to pass through quarantine into a labatory. 
In the last six months, 200 000 people have lost their lives. The number of infected far exceeds this figure.
The government’s reaction has been too slow and indecisive. Curfews, protective clothing and quarantine centres have proved ineffective. Even the towering wall, an incredible feat of human engineering born out of desperation and fear to contain the disease within London, has failed. The infection has started to appear in major cities right across the country.
There is no known vaccine. The origin of the disease has not been discovered. London is dying.
But there is one hope. A scientist. Driven by personal loss he works tirelessly to find a cure. Within his laboratory deep under his mansion, he invites you, one of fifteen people, to witness an incredible breakthrough and to launch with him a crusade against this cruel disease.To strike at the heart of the Contagion.
 Script by Jack Thorne.
shock_al1-420x0Fury: A Monologue (2004)
BAC Scratch performance.
An injured man sits connected to a machine; a device that sends a massive electric pulse searing through his body causing his limbs to contort and twist in agony. Through grinding teeth and foaming spittle his words of abuse are spat out at his audience. As the audience turn the dial on the machine to increase the frequency and strength of the electric pulse, the actors pain increases and the audience recoil as he chokes out a devastating revelation.
rp_june_a08_fig01Visual Hallucinations in Psychologically Normal People (ROAR at Theatre 503, 2003)
Witness the gradual demise of a man at the mercy of his own imagination and it's ringmaster, a Doctor who would damn him forever. The audience are split into two groups. One group drinks whisky with The Man and tries to help him remain sober of thought whilst his hallucinations visit them. The others enter the arena of his imagination and join the hoard of terrifying Doctors to prepare a booby trap for The Man and his audience; a final psychiatric examination.
Based on research into Charles Bonnet Syndrome.
Mullet: a family street theatre story.
Five angels perform acts of kindness and charm passers-by until they stumble upon their star pupil lost in the town centre. She is given her final test to become a fully fledged angel.… and it takes the people of the town to help her.