Pirate Pepperbeard and the Great Spice Heist

Ahoy! ‘The Ginger Piglet’ has been captured by the scurviest, stinkiest, and spookiest soul of the seven seas, Pirate Pepperbeard! With his clumsy crew-of-two ‘Heave’ and ‘Ho’, these putrid pirates have a dastardly plan to plunder the spectacularly valuable Spices of Kew, and then the world!
But we have luck on our side….
And that luck has blonde pigtails and a mischievous grin…our adventurous heroine Little Nutmeg! This brave and brilliant young botanist needs your help to stop them.
After secretly following Pepperbeard to the Spice Exchange, Nutmeg discovered that the pirate has left a wooden pirate chest….FULL OF HIS TREASURE MAPS! Help Nutmeg by following the trail on the map, solving the clues and challenges, tricking Heave and Ho and making it to the last location for a swashbuckling finale with Nutmeg and Pirate Pepperbeard!
Good luck shipmates! You’ll need brains by the ship load, a handful of courage and just a pinch of luck.
The Spice heist adventure will take about an hour in one go, or you can spread it out across your day. Once you have solved the puzzles there is a final short performance where you will meet Nutmeg and a surprise visitor….(they are there until 3.45pm).
Good luck!
The trail will run every day from Saturday 24th October to Sunday 1st November and is open to all ages. Once you have picked up your map from The Spice Exchange, you can complete the trail activities in any order, finishing at the Princess of Wales Conservatory for a final performance.
Performances will be held throughout the day at 12pm, 12.30pm, 1pm, 2.15pm, 2.45pm, 3.15pm and 3.45pm.
The swashbuckling performances at the end of the trail last approximately 15 rip roaring minutes!