The Seed. An adventure by Goat&Monkey and David Varela.Can you unravel the myth and discover the treasure? Consisting of a treasure hunt, an online game and live performances in the Summer of 2012.

Lost for a hundred years
a precious seed lies undiscovered...

Part immersive theatre and part online mystery,
The Seed is a real-world treasure hunt of the grandest proportions.

Inspired by true stories of the intrepid Victorian plant hunters, The Seed asks a new breed of hunter to follow clues and claim the lost treasure. Help our heroine in her quest online as she struggles to find the seed and prevent her world from falling apart. Come and see one or all of the four different theatrical performances in the Great Gardens of Sussex. Each one contains different clues, characters and encounters. The fourth and final play is a pageant steeped in folklore - a night time adventure in spectacular surroundings. This event cuts to the heart of the mystery and is only for the bravest and most spirited of explorers.

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Performance Venues and Dates

The Seed: One For Sorrow

Venue: Nymans Gardens, Haywards Heath RH17 6EB Dates: Saturday 9 June & Sunday 10 June, 2012

Frank Kingdon-Ward wants to be one of the world’s most famous and successful plant hunters. But on this night, early in his life, young Frank has many dreams, few prospects, an impatient fiancée and a despairing father-in-law-to-be. The only person who believes in him is a girl he’s barely spoken to. Will Frank have the strength to pursue his outlandish ambitions?

One for Sorrow is a 45-minute adventure told in spectacular surroundings. Wearing wireless headphones, you will step into the mind of Frank Kingdon-Ward as he tells a story that is beyond belief - and almost entirely true.

The Seed: The Lost Fortune

Venue: High Beeches Gardens, Haywards Heath RH17 6HQ Dates: Saturday 23 June & Sunday 24 June, 2012

"Whatever’s happened, just bring him back". A great British explorer has perished. Known to many as the greatest of the Victorian Plant Hunters for his tenacity and ability to get the job done, he stole the secret of tea production from the heart of China. And now he has gone.

The Lost Fortune will take you from an English garden to the depths of the Chinese interior. Wearing wireless headphones the audience must unearth what happened to the great explorer in his darkest days.

The Seed: Fool's Gold

Venue: Wakehurst Place, Haywards Heath RH17 6TN Dates: Saturday 7 July & Sunday 8 July, 2012

Along a path, through a field, over a stile and in a copse of trees is a yurt. Inside the yurt is a tale about a great adventurer - an explorer, a scientist and a seeker of fortunes, a man of honour and ambition.

This intimate and immersive 40 minutes offers a tale of tales, reckless bravery, self-sacrifice and heroism. And within the stories lie clues hinting at the whereabouts of the greatest treasure of all: the Seed itself.

The Seed: The Burning Gardens

Venue: Borde Hill Gardens, Haywards Heath RH16 1XP Dates: Thursday 19 July, Friday 20 July,
Saturday 21 July, Sunday 22 July, 2012

One of the most dramatic and destructive events of the Victorian era. A botanical paradise caught in the middle of a war. Is this where the secret of the Seed lies buried?

The Burning Gardens pageant has been performed every year since the Seed was first lost and is steeped in tradition. Celebrating the ferocity of nature and exceptional feats of human endeavor, The Burning Gardens culminates in a mysterious night time hunt. Part ritual, part game, the pageant is only for the bravest and most spirited adventurers.

Please be prepared for VERY slippery muddy paths and wear gumboots or hike boots.

The Seed draws inspiration from the real Victorian plant hunters who collected seeds for the Great Gardens of Sussex. Many of the events portrayed are fictitious.

Telephone: 01243 781312
All performances suitable for 14+ years
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