The Devil Speaks True


“As I exited The Vaults into the crisp Thursday night air, I was trying to recover from a sensory onslaught. My breathing was rapid; my palms were sweaty; I could feel a sizeable lump in my throat. This was the impact of The Devil Speaks True.”
— Theatre Bubble

Shakespeare's Macbeth as told by Banquo

The Devil Speaks True is a chilling exploration of the psychological effects of war.  Often in complete darkness, The Devil Speaks True uses wireless headphones, projection, scent, a physical performer and binaural sound design to plunge audiences into an intimate, 360 degree  experience, cutting the text of one of Shakespeare’s most notorious works with interviews with military veterans. The Devil Speaks True invites audiences into the heart of one of Shakespeare’s most notorious works in this immersive take on the last hours of Banquo’s life.

“It is an entirely engulfing experience, emotionally intense and technologically advanced without gimmickry.”
A Younger Theatre Review

“…in disturbingly impressive surround sound – Shakespeare’s lines are juxtaposed with extracts from interviews with the 21st century servicemen. Projection, scents, blasts of air and an engaging physical performance from a solitary actor taking on the role of Banquo’s body all contribute to an unsettling experience caught somewhere between voyeurism and verbatim theatre.”
British Theatre Guide

“It was a fantastic show, we are still blown away by the shock waves of a seemingly simple concept-the revelation of the new context of Banquo as soldier and brothers in arms to Macbeth-is brilliant and the intimacy of the verbatim texts was gripping, touching, tragic and heroic. I wish I were a millionaire and could pay for all students studying the text to see it-such an eye opener.”
Email from audience

Featured as part of the Financial Times' round up of Shakespeare performances to mark 400 years since Shakespeare's death, read the article here…

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