Perils Of Poisonous Plants


Featured in Time Out’s Top 10 Family Attractions in London, ‘Perils of Poisonous Plants’ played to 17 000 audience over three weeks!

Commissioned by Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, The Perils of Poisonous Plants charged audiences to solve clues, find characters, and help save the hero of the story, Ivor Monocle.

‘The spectacularly brilliant plant hunter Ivor Monocle has just returned from his most daring expedition yet! He has collected some of the world’s most curative, AND DEADLY plants! Today you are lucky enough to be at the grand opening of his exhibition. However, there is a problem…

That problem wears yellow trousers and rides a tricycle…Smedley Deadly, Ivor’s jealous and mischievous little brother! He wants to use the poisonous plants to give Ivor a squiffy tummy, ruin his big day AND take Ivor’s sweetheart the brave and wonderful Mira Cullgro for himself!

 Ivor and Mira NEED YOUR HELP! Pick up the special map from Mira at the Secluded Greenhouse and solve the clues and challenges left by Smedley Deadly.

Your mission will take about 90 minutes, once you have solved the challenges there is a final short performance by Ivor.

Good Luck! Mira is waiting for you …… and keep an eye out for those yellow trousers.’

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