The Seed


“The news that Varela is teaming up with exciting and experienced site-specific theatre company Goat and Monkey shows a real understanding of what’s happening in the field in Europe right now.”

— Martin Elriccson, Emmy Award recipient and lead game designer and writer of Tim Kring’s Conspiracy For Good).

Part immersive theatre and part online mystery, The Seed was a treasure hunt of the grandest proportions.

Inspired by the intrepid Victorian plant hunters, The Seed asked a new breed of hunter to follow clues and claim the lost £1000 treasure. Players and audience members from across the globe helped the heroine in her quest online.

For UK based players, The Seed also had a live action element, four epic immersive live events in the Great Gardens of Sussex. Each adventure contained different clues, characters and encounters. Each of the four live events took a different form, from wearing binaural headphones and attending a plant hunters funeral, to cooking over open fires and taking refuge from attack in a Mongol yurt, to attending a tea dance with spectacular circus.

The fourth and final event saw audiences individually explore a forest by night, evade capture from enclosing British Troops, being infected by small-pox wicker men and undergo a terrifying 100 metre midnight sprint through a war zone, complete with pyrotechnics and explosions.

This event cut to the heart of the mystery and was only for the bravest and most spirited of explorers.

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The Seed was created by Goat and Monkey and David Varela and was commissioned by West Sussex County Council and the Great Gardens of Sussex.

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