The Unforgettable Mr Fog


“My best part was Mr.Fog putting on too many clothes at the fashion show. It made me think about my grandad when he does funny things like that, and that it’s ok if he does it. “
— 8yr old audience member at R&D

A R&D project exploring the experience of knowing someone living with dementia. I was an interactive physical theatre piece for 4-11 yr olds and their families.

This was born out of conversations with adults and children and their experiences of family members who are living with dementia. The R&D was invaluable in exploring the ability of young audiences to act on complex emotional concepts, and respond in ways during the piece that were full of positivity and energy.

Mr Fog plays out common challenges faced by a person living with dementia, including; confusion, getting dressed in the wrong clothes, wandering out of their home at night and forgetting family members’ names. The clown allows the child to play and practically explore these difficult situations.

Drawing on successful and surprising elements of the R&D, we will work with a writer and choreographer and develop Mr.Fog into a crucial and important piece of family theatre.

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