Victorian Spy School


Victorian Spy School was the highlight of our festival visit. My nine year was amazed when the cake started ringing, and he had to rummage around and answer it! We’ll be back next year!
— Parent of spy at Sussex Festival!

Candidates, your first challenge…..

Mr.Guillemont is recruiting new spies aged 6-12. Have you got what it takes to crack digital code, accomplish feats of physical daring and secretly track a rogue spy agent in this live Alternate Reality Game? 

A thrilling 25 minute Spy adventure for 6-12 year olds, designed for festival and outdoor use. With live action, online sleuthing, and wireless headphones, enlist now! 

For more information about Victorian Spy School, or about having your own bespoke adventure created for a festival or outdoor event, contact sally@goatandmonkey.co.uk  

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