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We Rest


“You crave one kiss of my clay-cold lips,
But my breath smells earthy strong;
If you have one kiss of my clay-cold lips
Your time will not be long”
— The Unquiet Grave, A Sussex Song

We Rest, a daring collision of immersive theatre and game design.

“Ever since my mother left, my father told me bedtime stories.

He said it was down to him to tell me all the important ones, the forgotten ones and never to forget. The old Knucker that attacked Lyminster, the tall pale creature that is half horse, and half man that lures you with riddles, the Mummers who will enter your home and take all that is yours. 

Now my father is fighting the enemy abroad and I lie awake. I have come to realise that these were not stories, they were a warning.

They are all around me”.

Joel has successfully secured funding, including a ACE grant to develop We Rest, a live gaming experience focused on the dream journey of a young girl, Iris. 

Drawing upon his time at the TAG Research Centre in Montreal, Punchdrunk International and Megaverse XR, this period of R&D will explore the collision of theatrical experience and game.

For more information about We Rest and other digital work, contact sally@goatandmonkey.co.uk  

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