Goat and Monkey

Horses emerge from lakes, audience are chased through burning forests and digital riddles hide buried gold one hundred years old.
We don’t make theatre in a specific genre, actually we’re not overly concerned about whether or not it is even theatre. We like to create things that feel epic, surprising, interesting, and fun. Sometimes we make creations ourselves, and sometimes we make them together with collaborators in different fields.
Have a good rummage around and get in touch if you'd like to know any more...
“ The emotional impact of these beautifully sculpted, barely lit and flickering scenes is as potent and disorientating as a shot of absinthe..." 
Time Out

What we're up to this month:


As the festive season takes hold we couldn't be farther from it, as we begin our research and development in to one of the darkest pieces we've ever created.  The Devil Speaks True sees the audience cast as Banquo in his final hours of life...Happy Christmas!


We've had a fantastic response to The Perils of Poisonous Plants, the only downside is that the brilliant Smedley Deadly performer is having re-occuring nightmares of being chased by hordes of children...As November rolls in we've been busy busy, including some really exciting research and development into a piece about the Human Genome Project, space hunting for a musical commission in April, and final round application sorting for a (huge) project 2015.


The Perils of Poisonous Plants has opened, and is looking great! Bring your family and save the world!
The spectacularly brilliant plant hunter Ivor Monocle has just returned from his most daring expedition yet. He has collected some of the world’s most curative, AND DEADLY plants! Today you are lucky enough to be at the grand opening of his exhibition. However, there is a problem...
That problem wears yellow trousers and rides a tricycle... Smedly Deadly, Ivor’s jealous and mischievous little brother! He wants to use the poisonous plants to give Ivor a squiffy tummy, ruin his big day and take Ivor’s sweetheart the brave and wonderful Mira Cullgro for himself! 
Ivor and Mira need your help! Pick up the special trail map from Mira at the Secluded Garden Glasshouse (she’s there until 2.30pm) and solve the clues and challenges left around the Gardens by Smedly Deadly. Your mission will take about 90 minutes in one go, or you can spread it out across your day. Once you have solved the challenges there is a final short performance by Ivor (he’s there until 3.45pm). This performance is for a family audience and has a capacity of approximately 800 audience each day. It is free with paid entry to Kew Royal Botanical Gardens.


Fantastic news to start the month, The Devil Speaks True has received considerable funding from Arts Council England for research and development. This moves us into phase two; very exciting partnerships and the descent in to the dark final days of Banquo's existence.... We have a sneaky suspicion this will be something quite special.
Our Kew gardens piece The Perils of Poisonous Plants is coming along very nicely, and a new character has emerged alongside Ivor Monocle, his confused and downtrodden assistant Tad Pole!


Well that flew by! The Goats and Monkeys had a fantastic time at festivals this summer with our Spy School! We are pleased to report that all  'candidates' who took part in the challenge passed with flying colours. Mr.Guillemont has listened to all the candidates' requests for more challenges and is preparing another with a different focus and even trickier codes and challenges to solve! Well done all!
Joel has just finished a fantastic six week project working in the Barbican with 100 actors and creatives from the National Youth Theatre in a large scale site specific piece 'Virus'. 

Goat and Monkey