Goat and Monkey

Horses emerge from lakes, audience are chased through burning forests and digital riddles hide buried gold one hundred years old.
We don’t make theatre in a specific genre, and we’re not overly concerned about whether or not it is even theatre. We like to create things that feel epic, surprising, interesting, and fun. Sometimes we make creations ourselves, and sometimes we make them together with collaborators in different fields.
Have a good rummage around and get in touch if you'd like to know any more...
“ The emotional impact of these beautifully sculpted, barely lit and flickering scenes is as potent and disorientating as a shot of absinthe..." 
Time Out

What we're up to this month:


The Devil Speaks True 

After a wonderful period of developing our award winning piece The Devil Speaks True, we are nearing the second tour. Neil Callaghan's beautiful choreography plays a major role in the piece, the eight metre wide projection screen has been utilised even more fully. Most importantly the audience are given even greater immersion in to the true experiences  of the soldiers  who returned from conflict zones, and more time spent with the hostage of two and half years in Iraq. We are proud of this work.
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