Current Work

Goat and Monkey and Southwark Playhouse present

by Toby Hulse

From 6th December to
11th January 2014

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Come and help create the most brilliant pantomime in London!

This Christmas, Goat & Monkey, with acclaimed writer Toby Hulse, returns to Southwark Playhouse to present their unique take on the traditional Christmas pantomime.

Journey with Jack through a raucous magical world. Shake a leg with the Mexican dancing beans, duck the milk squirting cows and makes sure you watch out for Giants!

Jack and the Beanstalk is a unique take on a classic tale with more than a few twists and turns to keep the audience looking behind them!

A show for everyone aged 7 to 107

"It exceeds all expectations to thrill, entertain and excite audience of all ages in this excellent adaptation"

The Stage on Toby Hulse’s Treasure Island

Future Work

One man’s obsession with The Miracle Cure . The audience will begin an incredible, immersive adventure driven by curiosity, intrigue, puzzles and betrayal. After the enormous success of The Seed, Goat and Monkey have been commissioned to create a second treasure hunt laced with immersive live experience and alternate reality game. This time hunters will need to stretch their fingers far afield perhaps to the Schwarzwald, the Ardèche and Cordillera Cantábrica. Happy hunting.....

Walk the dark, wretched streets of 1850s London in this thriller about morbid anatomy, cutting-edge forensics and the struggle of the Victorian man.

Experience the slums and rookeries where patterers tell murder tales, where street piemen toss coins for hot pies where Punch and Judy shows are terrifyingly real.

The Anatomical Venus
Central London
October 2014

Previous Work

Lost for a hundred years
a precious seed lies undiscovered...

Part immersive theatre and part online mystery,
The Seed is a real-world treasure hunt of the grandest proportions.

Inspired by true stories of the intrepid Victorian plant hunters, The Seed asks a new breed of hunter to follow clues and claim the lost treasure. Help our heroine in her quest online as she struggles to find the seed and prevent her world from falling apart. Come and see one or all of the four different theatrical performances in the Great Gardens of Sussex. Each one contains different clues, characters and encounters. The fourth and final play is a pageant steeped in folklore - a night time adventure in spectacular surroundings. This event cuts to the heart of the mystery and is only for the bravest and most spirited of explorers.

The Hunt has finished and the treasure found!

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Script by Ali Taylor

Little Neck

1536. Anne Boleyn is Queen of England and expecting a son. She has everything she wants. But should she fail there are enemies everywhere who will stop at nothing to bring her down.

In their thrilling new play, Goat and Monkey bring Hampton Court Palace to life, plunging you into the dark heart of Henry VIII’s turbulent court. Step through shadowy corridors and secret rooms to experience a world gripped by treachery and ruthless ambition.


Inspired by one of the Grimm brothers’ grimmer tales, it is a story of evil stepmothers,
loving sisters,
murder and
The show is winner of the 2007 Southern Comfort Commission, and should be a theatrical winner”.
The Guardian Guide

It is a harsh winter, too cold for a boy to be sent out alone on an errand. "Where is my child, where is my only son?" the desperate father whispered to a little bird sitting in the boughs of the juniper tree. Expect to gasp and shudder as the Grimm’s fairytale of The Juniper Tree is brought to life with dark and delightful music by Jon Boden. In a thrilling new telling, Goat and Monkey create a tale of magic trees, evil stepmothers, singing birds and enduring love.

Reverence: A Tale of Abelard and Heloise

Little Neck

Deep beneath London Bridge Station, in the blackened heart of catacombs long forgotten, by the frail light of one hundred broken bulbs, shadowy figures lurch from the gloom to enact an ancient tragedy, the tale of Abelard and his Heloise...
“Then there is no more left
than this...”


In a subterranean electrician’s warehouse by the banks of the river Thames, a household continues to exist by century-old bourgeois tradition. The grotesque inhabitants scuttle and scheme in the depths of the basement, suffering each other’s indulgences. When a new figure arrives to haunt them with the threat of a bomb that has lain dormant for twenty years, will their fate be sealed in the darkness?

“He who has done no wrong has naught to fear.
Pity. Pity on us all…”

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Reverence and The Ghost Sonata photographs taken by Sam Holden

A Little Neck photographs taken by Sam Holden and Luke Tchalenko

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