Goat and Monkey

Horses emerge from lakes, audience are chased through burning forests and digital riddles hide buried gold one hundred years old.
We don’t make theatre in a specific genre, and we’re not overly concerned about whether or not it is even theatre. We like to create things that feel epic, surprising, interesting, and fun. Sometimes we make creations ourselves, and sometimes we make them together with collaborators in different fields.
Have a good rummage around and get in touch if you'd like to know any more...
“ The emotional impact of these beautifully sculpted, barely lit and flickering scenes is as potent and disorientating as a shot of absinthe..." 
Time Out

What we're up to this month:


'Space School' is coming on very nicely, this clip of Neil Armstrong singing on the moon is a source of continual joy, for that moment perhaps he forgot there were the eyes of the world looking at him. What a hero.
'Pirate Pepperbeard and the Great Spice Heist' at Kew Gardens is going to be great, a cross between Pirates of the Caribbean and Scooby Doo! An international hunt born out of the records of the Spice trade and the East India Company. We've been listening to these shanties for inspiration.  
We've just heard that we have funding for a project close to our hearts, and an important one to make really special. More on that soon.
Hippity hoppity over the hill....... 



The Ghost of a Flea
This month we are mainly researching; the world of William Blake, the incredible adventures of Sir Joseph Banks and the eighteenth century spice trade and the one, the only, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock.
William Blake created a mythical city called Golgonooza, a City of Imagination and a Blake's vision of a future London. For more on Blake's Golgonooza click here.
Joseph Banks took part in Captain Cook's first great voyage (1768 - 1771)  aboard The Endeavour  and his diary is a brilliant read. Here it is if you fancy having a look.
As for Mr.Hitchcock, well here is a complete interview made in 1972!



Without Blinking SlendermanAfter a brief sojourn in the jungles of Guyana we are back in the saddle. We shall put some more of the photos from 'Without Blinking' on the site, and perhaps a few extracts of the action. The 'slenderman' section is wonderfully chilling!
 We are currently prepping a digital 'Space Adventure', beginning an enquiry in to creation of Dementia friendly audiences and adding some new dates to 'The Devil Speaks True' tour. 


Without BlinkingA sell out run over five shows at Testbed 1 Battersea, 'Without Blinking' went spectacularly. The audience entered a disused lighthouse and the terrifying world of the kidnapped Twins. Working with Bloomsbury author Suzy Joinson, MD Paul Ackerley, Designer Becca Brower and third year students from Chichester University we had a ball!

The Devil Speaks TrueMarch

Our teaser for The Devil Speaks True is online! Have a look and send us your thoughts to be in for a chance to win a pair of free tickets for the show!